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Looking Back Detail Page

Autobiography of An Alsatian Dog


My name is Lady Ann. I was born in a kennel with six brothers and sisters. I cannot remember all their names except those of my sister Black Perl and my brother Danny. We had a small dark room all to ourselves with our mother and a lot of straw to play about in. And when we were tired we went to sleep cuddled to each other. But when I came to my new home it was different. No smell of dogs and there was a box to sleep in and a carpet. Early in the morning I had a bowl of hot milk all to myself. For lunch I had a bowl of rice and meat. Now I thought “Danny and Black Pearl are sure to rush out and gobble up my share” so I ate as fast as I could then tried to run away. But I feel so heavy inside that I rolled down the steps. I heard my mistress laughing and saying that I was a greedy little dog
I made up my mind that I would sow her that I was something more than  a greedy little dog so I walked off to the front door and sat upon the mat. “Wish somebody would come along” said I to myself. “I’d show them what I can do.”
Hardly had I said this when tramp! Tramp! I heard heavy footsteps. Never had I heard such a noise before. My hair stood on end and then when I saw that it was a fat fellow I just growled and made as much noise as I could. Out ran my mistress. She didn’t laugh this time. She patted me and said “You’re a brave doggie Lady guarding your home. Just look at her quivering with rage.” She didn’t know that I was frightened and was not angry.
“It’s the postman Lady you mustn’t bite him” she said to me :come inside now”
“Well well” I thought “I mustn’t let her think I’m afraid” So still growling I followed her into the bedroom.
It was cool and dark under the bed. But all at once I saw a most dreadful sight. Just round the door was a dog a black and tan one with a fierce face and a long tail.
“How dare you come into my house ?” I cried “I‘ll frighten you as I did the postman. So I made my hair stand up (It’s a trick I have I can Make it stand straight up along the top of my back) And I growled and bared my teeth. But the impudent dog did just the same.
“This wont do” said I to myself “I’ll give the creature a slap” So I slowly crept up and gave it a good slap with my paw. But what I hit was a very hard paw which hurt me. “I’ll clear you out of this” I snarled and it snarled back at me! I rushed at it and bang ! it hit my nose such a blow that I cried. And what d’you think my mistress did? She laughed and said “Silly Lady! Don’t you know that’s only a looking glass. What you see is yourself not another dog.” I was very much offended so I just went off to the kitchen for a bone so as not to think of that stupid mirror again.