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The School Exhibition - Zahaan Hoosein

We had a School Exhibition where we had to display all that we had done throughout the year. We people walked into our classroom I think they really liked the interesting, exciting, factual, creative and beautiful things we had made throughout the year. I enjoyed putting up the exhibition. Our classroom looked colourful and wonderfully fascinating with all our work put up neatly and in sequence. Everyone who came to our classroom had good things to say. It was nice to hear those good comments about our work as we had all put in hard work. For Social Studies we had to put up models on Transport and Communication. We had to work in groups. One group displayed Rail Transport by using one of the boy’s train set. The group that had to make a model on Airways made an airport which looked very nice. Our teacher divided us into groups for the topic on Communication. Some of us had to work on Rural Communication while the others had to work on Urban Communication. We made many other things. To work for the exhibition was really fun but most of all it was a great experience.