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Five Crickets of the Term


P P Dundh Aged 13
With a rare shy smile and of medium height Pratap Dundh by common consent is the school’s best batsman. Stylish elegant Pratap plays by the text book. Hs favourite stroke is a pull drive to leg and he is the possessor of a beautiful late cut. He rarely plays on the off, but this due to the fact that most bowlers either attack the leg stump or swing away to the slips. Pratap is sound and correct in the defence with a very straight bat. In good form this season Pratap broke the school record with 60 Vs VI. His average for 240 runs is 40. Formerly a slow swing bowler Pratap captured 9-40 in one innings early this term. However Pratap gave up bowling and donned the gloves and behind the wickets he is nearly as good as he is in front of them – which is saying a lot…..

K Sajeh Aged 14
A very sound batsman who can rush the score when in the mood. Kamal hits with terrific force on both sides of the wicket. The elder of the Sajdeh brothers has few shots behind the wicket. And this with an ugly stance is his main defects. But he is a fine batsman who took 23 off the St. Xavier’s attack and 20 n 12 were his shares of his side’s scores when he played for VI vs VII. Kamal makes runs and takes wickets when they are most needed and he is a very good all rounder. He is a medium to slow medium bowler who is a useful attacker but should learn to stick to one style. Kamal is also a fast runner and safe catch at deep mid wicket.

D Joseph Aged 14
A hitter who loves boundaries David’s chief flaw is that he begins to hit too early in the innings. But he is good to watch after he get going and in his second innings of 15 vs VI he hit three glorious fours. Like most hitters he is strong on the leg and hit 16 vs St. Xavier’s mainly through leg hit. David is a spin bowler who breaks sharply but pitches too short. He is a smart field’s man either at mid wicket or slip.

Surendra Aged 14
A medium fast bowler Surender wastes his real talent by bowling too short on the off. He is easily tired and apt to bowl no balls but when in the mood is a superb bowler who swings the ball at a hurricane pace. The lanky speed merchant captured 5-33 vs St. Xavier’s. Surendra is a good opener but his batting interferes with his bowling. He is a superb fielder ad one of our most valued all rounder.

K Sadeh Jnr. Aged 11
Keval is a fine hard hitting left hander who improves each season. Like his brother his talents are natural and also like Kamal he is very consistent. Despite his smallness Keval loves the pull and hook. He is often brilliant slip. With the ball he is quite a god slow left but should shorten his run. The Sajdeh brothers are the best all rounder in the Sixth. Kamal is about the second best batsman in the school but Keval once he straightens out his bat ought to be among the first three. He took 10 for 43 in the interclass match and also scored 26.