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The School Exhibition - Rayan Shikari

– when in class IV–B
Every year in school we have a colourful exhibition. The classrooms are well decorated with our project work. We were given duties on the day of the exhibition. Now, I would like to take you on a tour around our classroom. Starting with the Science section; we had made wind wheels to show wind energy. The day before the exhibition we took a bottle, filled it with a little water and added some colour to the water.
We put white flowers into the bottle and left it. On the day of the exhibition the flowers looked magnificently, beautiful and colourful. Moving on to the next table – we displayed a starch test. We took a slice of bread and put some iodine on it. The bread turned blue–black. We took another slice of bread, sprinkled a little water on it to make it moist and left it covered for a couple of days to grow fungus on it. Now, wasn’t that simple? Social Studies was even more fun. We worked in groups for most of the projects. All the boys put their minds together and made attractive models. Our first project was on Transportation. My group had to make a model on Air Transport. We had made a model of an airport. Since one of the boys had fairy lights we used them for the runway. Our model looked absolutely real. Next were the models to show Forests and Wild life. We made an awesome model. It was so amazing, I just can’t describe it! We had the most fun working on the Mathematics projects. For the topic on symmetry we had to make something to show symmetry. We made butterflies. We also made ink–devils.
I took a sheet of paper and put drops of paint on it, and then I folded the paper into half and pressed it down. Look what I have here? A beautiful and colourful ink–devil! For the topic on solid shapes we had to make things using solid shapes. I made a house. For the topic on 'Time' we made clocks and watches of different kinds. We worked in groups. Ours was a large group so we made four beautiful clocks. I really need to thank all our group members for working so well together. For the topic on Fractions we had made Magic Fraction Circles to show fractions. We also cut up sandwiches so show Equivalent Fractions.
The Literature Section had our acrostic poems, cluster diagrams and drawings to show shadows, on display and lots more. All the visitors loved coming to our class exhibition.