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How Well Do You Know your Animals?

1.    Where did the jackrabbit gets its name?
2.    How should live rabbi be lifted?
3.    Do beavers eat fish?
4.    Do all species of monkeys use their tails as a fifth hand?
5.    How do elephants bend their legs in lying down?
6.    Is there a back bone in a camel’s hump?
7.    What is a cow’s cud?
8.    Do dogs sweat?
9.    Is a zebra a light animal with dark stripes or a dark animal with light stripes?
10.    On what legs do sheep rise first after lying down?
1.    From the jackass. Its ears were thought to resemble those of a jackass.
2.    By the loose skin above the shoulders with one hand while supporting the under part of its body with the other. Naturalist say it is painful to a rabbit to lift it by its ears
3.    No. They subsist entirely on a vegetable diet consisting of bark and tender shoots.
4.    No. Many of the New World monkeys gasp and climb with their tails. But Old World monkeys has ever been seen employing his tail as a ‘fifth hand”
5.    When an elephant lies down it stretches its hind legs backwards and the front legs forward.
6.    No. A camel’s backbone is as straight as any other four legged animal’s. The hump consists of fatty tissue.
7.    As a cow eats, the food is not at first thoroughly chewed; Later the undigested food is regurgitated and chewed again. This returned food in the cow’s mouth is called the cud.
8.    Yes. Principally through the soles of their feet where the largest sweat glands are located.
9.    Through breeding Zebras it has been learned that the Zebra is a light brown animal with black or dark brown stripes.
10.    They raise hind legs first.