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Kept In

Scene - A classroom. The teacher (T) is sitting at her desk. A little boy about nine is standing in front of her
T- Well Jonny(J) three o’clock and you have to stay in after school! You know I am only punishing you because I like you.
J- I’d sure like to return your affection
T- This is the fifth time I have punished you. What have you got to say?
J- I’m glad its Friday ma’am
T- Now Jonny why don’t you get ahead?
J- But I have got ahead
T- All you need is a little push
J- Sure I know! But who to push?
T- Really Jonny you are so old and you can only count up to ten. What will you do when you grow up?
J- I could be a referee in a boxing match
T- Why can’t you be like Oswald he’s an all-round champ and he has been swimming for three years
J- Gosh he must be tired
T- Tell me where Mexico is?
J- Its on page 20 of the Geography book.
T- What happened in 1776?
J- Why I can’t remember what happened last week
T- Ah, you’re so stupid, let’s try grammar. Correct this sentence. “It was me that spilt the ink”
J- I didn’t spill the ink. I never saw the ink bottle
T- Lets go on What’s drama?
J- That’s easy. I go to see my drama every Christmas.
T- Let’s try arithmetic. Take 13-12. What’s the difference?
J- That’s what I say. What’s the difference?
T- Jonny your handwriting is very bad. You must write better.
J- Well if I did you’d be only finding faults in my spelling.
T- What’s a synonym?
J- It’s a word which you use when you can’t spell the other.
T- Now that’s final. You are not allowed to join any clubs till you improve in your work.