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The Aeroplane


The Aeroplane is one of the most wonderful modern inventions. It is just like a huge bird in shape. It has two big wings and a long tail. It has small wheels under it. Inside there are rows of seats for passengers. The Aeroplane has one or several petrol engines. At first it runs along the ground and gathers speed. Then it flies high up in the air. It has a propeller in front to produce the lifting power. The Aeroplane flies faster than a train runs. Some aeroplanes can fly 200 miles an hour. Its invention has brought about a revolution in world transport. Man has conquered the air and can fly like a bird. Both time and distance have been reduced. It takes only five days to travel from London to India whereas it takes a steamer three weeks to do so. Many high mountains have been successfully photographed and studied with the help of the aeroplane. Aeroplanes are used for carrying goods, mail and passengers
With all these advantages aeroplanes can also be used for destructive purpose. In time of war they are being used to destroy the enemy troops and cities. Bombs are dropped causing great destruction. Big cities are destroyed in no time. The strength of a nation today depends largely on the number of aeroplanes she possesses. In short this blessing is proving a cure to mankind.