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The Beauty & The Beast


Once upon a time there lived a merchant who had three daughters. The father said he was going out and asked them what they wanted. The first said “I want pearls rubies and diamonds” the second said she wanted the same and the third said she wanted red roses.
So the father went and soon he came t a house. He went in. He was hungry, on going into a room there was food laid on the table. He ate then he felt sleepy so he slept. When he got up in the morning he found new clothes. He put them on and went down to the garden and saw red roses. When he plucked a red rose a frightful noise started and there stood a beast who said in a loud voice “You have eaten my food and you have slept in my bed and you have worn my clothes and now you have plucked my roses.” “Please” said the father, “please don’t kill me I will do whatever you want.” “I want you” said the beast, go home and whatever you see first bring back to me.: So the father went home and his smallest daughter ‘Beauty’ came to him and said “father what has happened to you?” Then he told the whole story and she said “never mind father I will go” They both went the next morning and when they were eating their food a loud noise came to the door. She opened the door and there she saw the beast.

The beast said to the father “you must go away tomorrow and let Beauty stay here” SO the two went to sleep. When they got up the father said “Beauty I am going” Both of them cried bitterly and the father went away. She looked over the road and then saw on the wall in golden letters. “What you want shall happen” then she saw glass and said “I wish I could see y father” and she saw he was in bed sick and when night came she heard a knock at the door. She went and opened it and the beast came in saying “Am I ugly?” “Yes you are” said the girl. “Am I stupid?” “No you are not” “Am I kind?” “Yes you are” “Can I marry you?” “Oh no! no! I don’t want to marry you” said Beauty. The beast went way. Te next night he came and she said to him “I want to go to my father, Beast” “For eight days you can” he said “and when you are going take this ring and put it on your table” She went and when her father saw her he became well. She stayed eight days and forgot about the beast.
On the ninth night she dreamed that the beast was living in the garden and was dying. She rubbed the ring on the table and she was in the garden. She saw the beast there; she said “I will marry you beast” then she saw the beast had been turned into a prince. “I want y beast” said she “A wicked witch had turned me into a beast and the witch had said to me a girl named Beauty will say ‘I will marry you’ then you will become a prince again” So both of them lived happy but at once a good fairy brought her father and two sisters to her and the good fairy made the two sisters into two statues and put them before the gate. The three people lived happily ever after in the lovely house.