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The Mango


The mango is a common Indian fruit. It is liked by everyone. It is found in all hot countries. It is a fruit of a large tree with a thick stout trunk. It grows to a height. It has long leaves which are thick smooth and bright and give off a sweet smell. The tree bear fruits when it is five or six years old. The mango tree blossoms in spring. The fruit ripens about three or four months. Then the tree looks beautiful. The ripe fruit has a yellow skin. Under it is a fleshly part. In the middle is a stone. The stone is the seed of the mango tree. The fleshly part is eaten and the skin is thrown away. Mangoes vary in size taste and colour. Some are sweet and some are sour. Some look yellow or red while others are green. Langra and Malda are perhaps the best kinds. They are very sweet all pulp and no fibre They have their stones no doubt. The mango is the sweetest fruit in the country. It is very useful. It is eaten when ripe. Jellies and chutneys are prepared from raw mangoes. It is a very nutritious fruit. In some parts of India mangoes are grown so abundantly that one can have them for the mere picking