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Who Is A True Campionite

Who Is A True Campionite

- Luzito de Souza

Class of ‘59

I know that all of you will say with one voice that to be on the rolls of Campion School is to be a Campionite. But it is not so. To be a Campionite is something more than to be an everyday pupil of Campion School. There is only one way to prove yourself a true Campionite and that is to live up to the shining motto of the school. The motto is “JOY IN TRUTH”. The truth means to be true unto yourself in all your undertakings. The joy means to find yourself happiness in the acceptance of this way of life. Whether it be in your studies or your games your behavior with your superiors or your school-fellows, the same maxim must be faithfully observed. Being consistently true to it will serve to create a wholesome self-respect which will lead to sovereign strength. A true Campionite therefore is the boy who is faithful to the motto of the School. By his life both during his school days and after he must show to the world the characteristics stand which he has obtained through a Campion training and culture.