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Minutes Of The Meeting Of 20 July 1960

The 20th of July shall be marked a “Red Letter” Day in the history of Campion School for on this day the 53rd birthday of our Principal Fr. E F More SJ the Campion School Old Boys’ Association was declared open. The following 23 old boys were present:

Rabindra Joshi
Brian Rego
Noshir Navder
Rusi Mody
Harris Asser
Dinshaw Nariman
Ramesh Arora
Nevio Braganza
Ashok Tejuja
Indru Advani
Luzito D’Souza
Masihuddin Mohammed
Russi Mistry
Soli Banaji
Farroukh Kavarana
Russi Merchant
Adi Merchant
Burjor Bajan
Noshir Khory
Shiavax Daver
Qaid Silk
Vinod Bajanlal
Dara Masani

The President was given a small but thoughtful gift by the Vice President, Masihuddin Mohammed on behalf of the Old Boys of Campion School. The President treated the members present to a party in the premises of the school after which he gave the boys a talk regarding the activities of the Association and its uses abroad making a reference to members Meherwan Boyce who was to leave for America for further studies.

The application forms were signed and the requisite amount was paid by some of the members. Dara Masani was the first old boy of Campion to enroll himself as a Founder member of the Association.

The President asked the members to give suggestions for the proposed ‘badge & tie’ of the association. After having consulted the managing committee regarding a change in the name of the association from Campion School Old Boys Association to ‘Old Campionites’ Association the President forwarded the suggestion to the members all of whom agreed.

The Old Campionites Association would be abbreviated as ‘OCA’ for matters of correspondence etc.

The meeting was then adjourned with a vote of thanks to the chair.

The President then showed the members an interesting picture which was thoroughly enjoyed.

The members thanked their beloved Principal for the enjoyable evening and wished him all the best in health and happiness with success in all his new ventures and enterprises.

May he stay long enough with us as our President to see the light of the OCA shining with glory in every sphere of its activities and taste the fruits of an Association founded by him on his fifty- third birthday anniversary.

Signed                    Signed
E F More SJ                Dara Masani
President                Hon. Secretary
17 October 1960