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Annual Newspaper Drive

- From the Archives

Its commencement was enough to send the boys crazy. At first it began slowly but as Wednesday approaches the drive accelerates with such a tremendous pressure that one wonders whether there will be an end to it. Thursday passed and Friday the last day arrived. Yet the boys seemed to having possession of all the old newspapers of the city. From ‘Woman’s Own’ to ‘Punch” every conceivable periodical or magazine was brought in to swell their respective class contribution. The penultimate day found two fifth standards in a neck to neck race. It was something like the Great Race with a difference. Finally, when the total weighing class by class was taken Std V-A and Std V-B tied for the first place and so shared the trophy. As the big boys felt it ‘infra dig’ to carry old newspapers to school the juniors had to get into the fray in a big way and they proved to the hilt that they could be relied upon. Besides it being a sporting gesture the drive is organized to raise funds for the abandoned children of the city. The total collected was 1,500 kgs which in turn fetched Rs 250/-.