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A Tete-A-Tete with Sushil Bahl

A Tete-A-Tete with Sushil Bahl

During which years did you study in Campion?
I joined the school in 1957 in class V and I was in the school up to 1965 i.e. class XI

Which would you call your most memorable day in school? Why?
To remember one day or even an event is difficult because I was in school more than 20 years ago. The day or event that I remember most fondly and with pride is the day I was installed as School Captain i.e. in 1963 (Jan-Dec). It was a day when I felt that I had achieved something and I would be able to contribute my little bit for the school and the Campionites.

Has Campion’s not being a co-education school affected you and how?
Not really but today I would say may be if it had been co-ed it would have been more fun! But seriously speaking it did not affect me as at that age one was not really concerned about such matters.

What qualities do you feel that Campion has instilled in you and how have they helped you in later life?
There are two or three important ones. For example, character in terms of honesty principals and living in an environment comprising boys from all strata of society and communities you can’t beat Campion. Secondly – Leadership – particularly so because I happened to become the school captain. Leadership is a quality which is vital for all young men who have to achieve something later in life. Thirdly there is Self Development in term of relating with others (what is today called Human Relations) which involves the concepts of motivating others team sprit discipline and respect for responsibility and authority. And the above three qualities are today vitally important for our careers as well as for the development of our country. In that respect these qualities which I imbibed at Campion are helping me today to be a better person and professional.

Do you ever think of becoming a teacher yourself and if not why not?
No I did not even think of it. Today I have become a professional teacher when I teach advertising marketing and P.R. at some of the Management Institutions in Mumbai in my spare time

If you had the opportunity what would be the first thing that you would do o improve Campion?
Nothing. Campion was a good school and I think it still is a good school as I see it and from the experiences of my two sons who are also Campionites.

Why did you admit your sons in Campion?
For two reasons firstly because I sincerely considered Campion to be among the best schools in Mumbai; secondly because I have personal experiences of the benefit it offers to children in terms of education and self development.

Is there any message or advice that you would like to give to the present students of Campion?
My message to the present Campionites is “Treat the school as a training ground not just in studies but all round development. This will go a long way to make you do well in life.