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Valedictory Speech

Valedictory Speech

- Mario Vaz

Mr. President, Rev Fr. Principal Members of the staff Parents and Campionites.
Far away in the Arabian sea the Sun has gone to rest. Nearby on land the cool shades of evening are closing upon this day. And we have to leave. To stand before you to say farewell and thus close the chapter “on the best days of one’s life” is not easy. The pain of parting is so difficult to be expressed in words. It is a sweet sorrow which at once hurts and warms the heart. Hurt because our bonds in Campion knotted and strengthened over the past so many years are difficult to shake off. Warm as we hear the call of a distant drum beckoning us to a new life new experiences new challenges.
But never again will we experience the happiness the joy the innocence of school days and the camaraderie that was a Campion hallmark. There will be no more pranks to play no more picnics to discuss and enjoy no more lining up for assemblies no more the thrill of keenly contested tournaments and above all the pleasure of knowing that everybody was a friend. Yes truly school days are the best of all days.
As I look back in review over these happy and enriching years I have spent here, I’m filled with sentiments of debt and gratitude which, though they be the most my being can offer, are meagre before the magnitude of the debt we owe to this great institution We may leave Campion now, but will always remain and be proud to remain, Campionites. I can best describe the spirit of Rev.Fr. principal and our Masters and Teachers in these words of an anonymous poet:
“I vow to my sheep All the best I posses, Entire and whole and perfect The service of my love’’
And we have drawn amply from this fountain of love.
And those great men and women the years timid dependants to capable gentlemen, who taught us the alphabet and the Alpha and the Beta, who ingrained the discipline of character and knowledge in our being, I liken them to a gigantic lighthouse beaming its kindly light on a dark stormy night without prejudice to pilot, priest or pirate. Theirs is a selfless service with no personal gain except the satisfaction of having helped. To all of you dear Masters and Teachers we say a sincere “Thank You” and assure you that whatever the future be we will never forget your toil patience and love.
And to you juniors as we go by we leave behind a rich legacy – a legacy of this institution its traditions its opportunities that you too might benefit from them and reach goals not as yet reached.
And so dear Masters and Teachers we say goodbye. But the sweet memories will linger to haunt us forever.

Thank You