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Tricks of the Trade

- Pradeep Sood  
Class of ‘64

In which batch were you?
I passed out in 1964.

Do you recall pranks played while in Campion?
Every year on Parents Day we used to have an exhibition. Each class would put up a display. That year I was chosen from my class. Most of the other classes had made models dealing with geography. Someone had made a model of an African Kraal, someone made a pyramid. I however made a clay model of our geography teacher complete with a moustache! When it was unveiled everybody started laughing. That was the only time I got ‘13’from the principal.

What were some of the other peculiar incidents?
One peculiar habit was the ‘four-o-clock back garden’. Boys always kept picking fights and we couldn’t fight in school, so these roes were settled after school in the back garden. This used to happen twice or thrice a week. So the moment school was over boys would flock there to see the fights.

Which teachers did you like?
Almost all the teachers were nice. Mr. Gussain was liked by everyone.

Did you feel that Campion taught you the moral values required by every citizen?
I’d like to quote from Oxford, “We do not teach you how to make a living but how to live” Campion did teach me pretty much ‘how to live’

What are you doing right now?
At the moment I’m into Engineering

If you got a chance to re-live your school days would you do anything differently?
Yes. I would study harder.

If you suddenly found yourself to be Principal of Campion what would your feeling be like?
I would feel absolutely dismayed. I would hate to led so many boys exactly like myself. I don’t suppose they would like me either for I’d know all their tricks.

What advice would you like to give the boys?
Take full advantage of what you are being taught. Don’t under estimate it. As you grow up you will realize that your teachers are not the bunch of fools you thought they were.