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Cavalcade '47

Cavalcade '47


The school register stayed steady the premises at Wellesley still proving very elusive. Even by the close of the year this matter continued to be inchoate. The continuance of this status quo accounted foe a loss f 30,300 rupees in the financials computations dating from the schools inception. Other facets of the year’s unfolding were of happier nature.

February proudly boasted three cricket matches; the first versus Mohamed Baig High School returned our boys victors; the second versus Cathedral was a graceful draw; the third versus St. Xavier’s was to their glory the ending of the David Goliath theme being reversed in this instance.  Light touch in March was the prestidigitator and the finesse of his act did certainly launch a hundred little amateur jugglers.

In April Rev. Fr. Savall was reappointed member for the Bombay Provincial Board for Anglo Indian and European Education. The end of the term found us sadly bidding Mr. Lobo our secretary goodbye and early in the new term we had the opportunity of giving him a farewell party. Mr. Paul Dias came to take his place with again another replacement in September with Mr. A Nunes

Amongst the teachers Miss Labourchardiere had arrived in January and Miss Albert joined in June. This year history was made on August 15th which from now on would mark India’s big National Holiday INDEPENCENCE DAY, and over our school the Flag of Freedom waved. The next day the school also participated in the Independence Ceremony at ST. Xavier’s, Dr. Gilder presiding.

December’s prize distribution presided over by Mr. C K Daphtary, Advocate General with Mrs. Daphtary giving away the prizes had the grand finale of an elocution contest, Norman Simeons taking the Palm as the young Demosthenes