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Campion Style Champion Stuff

Campion Style Champion Stuff

- Mark Selwyn D’Sa
Class of 1977

How do you compare the students of your time to the present generation?
I think the present generation is a lot smarter than we were. Besides they are more outgoing than we were.

How would you compare the school atmosphere to your college atmosphere?
I for one hated college! The professors there were so narrow minded and they knew nothing but their text book subject requirements. While in school you could talk frankly to any teacher and they would know a lot about the subject and more.

What qualities do you feel Campion has installed in you and how have they helped you in later life?
Campion has installed in me one major quality. The habit of reading. It helped me a lot in life. Whenever I went for a job interview and the committee asked me some general knowledge questions I would be able to answer them and that often helped me.

How do you think Campion has contributed to society?
Campion has contributed a lot to society. It keeps churning out men who have good chanced of an excellent life as professionals.

Do you think corporal punishment should still be practiced in a boy’s school?
Yes it should because for one thing – it works. It is a great motivation. I knew when I was a child the knowledge that if I misbehaved I would be caned was a great deterrent. Of course it must be within limits.

If you had the opportunity how would you improve Campion?
Actually I feel Campion needs no improvement. It was and probably still is the best school in Mumbai. Its only short coming in my time was that almost no attention was paid to sports but happily now that too is changing for the better.

What advice would you want to give to the students of Campion?
The only advice I want to give is to take all the opportunities in life and always do what you feel is right and good for you.