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1978 01 26 Republic Day

1978 01 26 Republic Day

- Sanjiv Pai
Class of '80

The twenty-sixth of January 1978 saw Campion School celebrating the twenty-eighth anniversary of India becoming a Republic. As directed at 9 sharp boys of various activities assembled in different contingents in the ‘Back Gardens.’

The Chief Guest Brigadier Bhopinder Singh arrived at 9:10 a.m. Inspection took place with our Chief Guest and Mr. Hodiwalla marching past the various contingents. After this the boys of the many activities marched past Brigadier Bhopinder Singh and took the General Salute. Rajneesh Khanna delivered a speech in Hindi. He said that though India had had to face many trials and period of stress she had overcome all these difficulties. Rajneesh was followed by Sanjay Parikh who addressed the assembly in English. He referred to the fact that many Europeans like Max Mueller had complimented India and her people. The destiny of India was in the hands of her subjects. He also mentioned that in order to progress we as a whole must give up the complex of the West being superior to us in many aspects. Mr. Bhatia gave a brief but interesting speech on the Chief Guest and his family. The Brigadier’s father had been in the army his brother is in the army and he is thinking of marrying his daughter to an army officer. It seems that the Brigadier who joined the army in the early forties has taken an active part in all the wars and disputes from then up to the Indo-Pak War in 1971 where he showed his excellent ability.

A very modest Big Bhopinder Singh said that the compliment Mr. Bhatia had paid him made him feel very small. He expressed great joy at our school calling him to preside over such a function. After the Chief Guest concluded his speech the various trophies and cups were given to individual students and patrols of the RSP Naval Wing Air Wing Scouts Cubs and Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme. Mr. Bhatia concluded the function by delivering the vote of thanks. Thanks are also due to all who gave a helping hand to make this function a success. The boys put up a pretty good show. The efforts of Mr. Noronha and others who helped to manage discipline did not go unnoticed. Hats off to Mr. Hodiwalla and the rest who held the marching practices in the back gardens. As we went home I dwelt upon this event as another wonderful happening in the already colorful history of Campion