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Looking Back Detail Page


When the Old Campionites’ Association was reactivated early this year the need for a medium to communicate with its members was perceived in the very early stages. A few of us decided to put our heads together and bring out a regular newsletter.
Within a short period of time however we felt that there was much to write about and much that would be of present and perennial interest to the ex-Campionite. And so the envisaged newsletter converted itself in its embryo stages to a magazine which we hope to bring out every quarter – January April July and October. We christened it ‘THE VOCALIZER’ a name which we feel conveys to a great extent what this magazine is and will be about.
Through its pages we intend to vocalize what you the OCA member think feel and react to on a host of subjects ranging from your experience at Campion to matters of interest to you today. To enable us to serve this purpose we invite you to write to us to tell us what you like or dislike about THE VOCALIZER. We also want you to contribute on any subject you are familiar with and which you feel will be of interest to THE VOCALIZER readers. If you are a whiz kid on wildlife predict for us the movement of bears and bulls. If you have a penchant for making faces send in your cartoons and caricatures: we need someone to contribute sketches. And if you want to give s a dose of our own medicine contribute a column on health. Anything that could make THE VOCALIZER a live form of communication amongst members. After all this is you magazine. By writing and advertising in it lend your voice to it.
We hope you enjoy reading this inaugural issue. And your support strengthens every forthcoming issue of the medium perceived by the OCA Committee to reach out to you. For to quote Marshall McLuhan’s famous phrase, ‘the medium is the message.’