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1985 02 21 From Arnold D’Souza

1985 02 21 From Arnold D’Souza

Dear Mr. Bhatia

It gives me great pleasure to receive the dinner invitation issued by the Campion Ex- Students Assoc. Unfortunately, my travelling days are over though I still ride a Chetak and a cycle in town.
Though I may not be present at the Taj on March 1st I will certainly be with you all in sprit. Please convey to the Managing Committee and to the dinner gathering at the Taj my sincere thanks for remembering this old guru who lives at the eastern end of Maharashtra. It is with a sense of pride that I recall to my circle of friends in Nagpur those happy years in the seventies spent as a member of the staff of one of the finest educational institutions in this state. It was indeed a pleasure and a privilege to work under the leadership of such educationist as Father Miranda Donnelly and Alban.
To Campion and its OCA may I wish with the +CRESEAT ET FLOREAT”
With best wishes

Arnold D’Souza