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As I write these lines the last dying rays of 1984 weave patterns of light and shade on the sheet. Within a few hours from now we will be enveloped by sounds of merriment visuals of ecstatic joy and fore works would each reach out to kiss the dark clouds in the sky. And hopefully dispel them too and usher in a new dawn. A dawn of change. A dawn of progress. A dawn of plenty.
We approach ’85 with renewed hope and vigor. The tasks of ‘85 have to be continued. The events that the year has wrought hold forth for us the key to challenges. And from the mire of challenge rises the lotus of progress. The gloom at the untimely death of our beloved Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi is being slowly lifted as news of the massive mandate given to her son Mr. Rajiv Gandhi comes in. A change at the helm of the affairs is holding forth the hope to a better future a morrow that will tackle the tasks of yesterdays, with the urgency of today and the vision of tomorrow.
The OCA like the nation is in a stage of metamorphoses. There have been changes on the Managing Committee and issues including the drafting of the new constitution continue to be grappled with. Tasks undertaken last year after ambitiously restarting the Association seek completion. And new ventures continue to be planned to make OCA stronger and capable to meet its aims and objectives.
The VOCALIZER rededicates itself to its task of communicating to you the activities of your Association. Though the second issue is much truncated than the one you last received you will understand that the task of bringing out a ‘fat’ issue is akin to that of building a nation: each man counts. While we all can share the benefits worked for by our elected representatives it is the assistance and involvement of each one that is called for. THE VOCALIZER invites you once again to lend your voice by writing for it and advertising in it. The OCA and your magazine can grow only with your involvement. Please do not with hold it
Let not the task undertaken by us in 1984 of rejuvenating the old boys union and bringing out a magazine which a city daily has lavishly complemented be mollified. Let us together address ourselves to the task of building a larger and stronger OCA during 1985