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Luis De Souza Class of '59 (Medicine)

Luis De Souza Class of '59 (Medicine)

Cancer Specialist

Born on 11 December 1943 DR. LUIS JOSE DE SOUZA better known as DR. LUZITO DE SOUZA Medical qualifications include M.B.B.S. [Bombay] November 1967 / M.S. [Bombay] [General Surgery] November 1970 / F.C.P.S.[Bombay]  [General Surgery] October 1970 / F.R.C.S. [Edinburg]  December 1971 / F.R.C.S. [England] May 1972 / F.A.C.S. [U.S.A.]  October 1980.

In India he is registered with the Maharashtra Medical Council, Bombay bearing No. 22225, November 1967. In the United Kingdom he is registered with the General Medical Council, 44 Hallam St., London WIN 6 AE bearing Full Registration No. 1513927.

LUZITO has won various prizes and medals during his medical career. They include
In the Grant Medical College:
1.    Wellington Gray Silver Medal in Anatomy for the year 1963-64
2.    2.  J.J. Medal and prize for general proficiency at the Final M.B.B.S. Examination in practical       medicine & surgery, October 1996
3.    Maclenon Silver Medal at the Final M.B.B.S. Examination in Obstetrics and Gynecology,             October, 1996.
4.    Dhondi Gold Medal for Surgical Pathology for the year 1966.

In the University of Bombay
1.    Bal Krishna Sudamji Prize in Obst. & Gynaec at the Final M.B.B.S., October 1966.
2.    J.C. Lisboa Gold Medal & Prize in Surgery at the Final M.B.B.S., October 1966.
3.    Bai Bachubai Pherozshah Prize in Obst. & Gynaec., at the Final M.B.B.S. in October, 1986.
4.    Bai Shirinbai Ratansha Parekh Gold Medal for General Proficiency at the Final M.B.B.S. in October, 1966.

Dr LUZITO has also received the Sir Dorab Tata Scholarship, 1960 to 1966. In the field of Medicine Dr LUZITO has held various positions including
1.    Head, Department of Surgery Tata Memorial Hospital, 1998-2001
2.    Chief of Gastro-Intestinal Service since 1985-2001
3.    Professor of Surgical Oncology 1997-2001
4.    Consultant Oncologist, St. Elizabeth Hospital
5.    Temporary Advisor, World Health Organisation, Geneva, 1984
6.    Consultant Oncologist to Air India
7.    Consultant Oncologist to Indian Airlines
8.    Chairman, Ostomy Association of India.
9.    Regional Coordinator for South East Asia of COPES Committee [UICC, Geneva], International Union   Against Cancer, 1994.
10.    Member, UICC Committee for Prevention & Detection of Cancer, 1994
11.    Member, Advisory Board, St. Elizabeth Hospital,
12.    Consultant Cancer Specialist to Governor of Maharashtra [August 1990]
13.    Managing committee member, Indian Cancer Society.
14.    Hon. Medical Director, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Mumbai, 1991
15.    Consultant Surgical Oncologist, P. D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai
16.    Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr LUZITO has publication and editorial experience with more than seventy publications in the field of Oncology in national and international journals. He has been involved in production of videos and films on surgical techniques eleven. He is also the Associate Editor of Indian Journal of Cancer.

Dr LUZITO has participated in scientific meetings and presented scientific papers and films at over thirty international meetings abroad
In the field of academic Dr Luzito is a Post-graduate Teacher for M.S. Degree in General Surgery of Bombay University since 1986. A Post-graduate Examiner for
i.    Mch. Oncology, University of Gujarat, 1990,
ii.    Mch.Oncology, University of Karnataka, 1996.
iii.    M.S. General Surgery, University of Bombay 1997.
 He is also the Visiting Professor in Surgery at
i]   Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research.and
ii]   Kasturba Medical College, Manipal [1989]

Dr LUZITO’s specialized experience includes been deputed by the Tata Memorial Hospital and Ministry of Health, India, under International Co-operation Programme of Government of Japan for experience in Fiberoptic endoscopy in 1976 and 1980 and again been deputed by the Tata Memorial Hospital for experience in Techniques of Liver Resection and Transplantation in London [U.K.] and Pittsburg [U.S.], 1984.

Dr LUZITO has vast management experience. He is the Managing Trustee and Hon.  Medical Director of Shanti Avedna Ashram since its foundation in 1986. This is India’s first Hospice for the care of Advanced and Terminally ill cancer patients in India. The main branch in Mumbai has 50 beds; with another 50 beds in Delhi and 25 beds in Goa. This service is given free of cost to all those who need it, irrespective of community, caste or creed.

He has registered for PhD, in Hospital Management of the Mumbai University, in 1991-92, through the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, Mumbai.

DR LUZITO’s organization experience includes having organized a meeting of British Association of Surgical Oncology (BASO) in Bombay, 1986. He organized and conducted an all India Workshop on “An update in Gastro-intestinal Surgical Oncology” at the Tata Memorial Hospital in November, 1987. He also organized and conducted the First UICC Indian Workshop in Cancer Education in Schools at the Tata Memorial Hospital in 1988. Other events include UICC Workshop on “Education on Tobacco in Schools” at Tata Memorial Hospital in 1986, the First International Meeting on Palliative Care, Mumbai, November 1991, the XVITH International Cancer Congress [UICC] 1994 where he was a member of the core Committee and Chairperson Exhibition.

DR LUZITO also organized Cancer Education in Schools Workshop [UICC] in Khatmandu, 1994, the UICC COPES Workshop, 12th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference, Singapore 18-19 October, 1995, the1st Indian UICC COPES Workshop, Mumbai, 26-27 October, 1996. He has been the Chairman, Hepato - biliary workshop, TMH, Bombay, Oct 1997. Next on the list was the organization of the UICC COPES Workshop, 14th APCC, Hong Kong, 17th - 18th Nov 1997. He has also been the organizing Secretary, Second International Hospice Conference, and Fifth International Conference of IAPC, Mumbai. 20th-22nd Feb. 1999, the organizing Secretary, First International Gastric Cancer Workshop, TMH.Mumbai 2nd-4th November 2000.

DR LUZITO also holds membership in professional organizations such as
1.    Life Member of Association of Surgeons of India [ASI].
2.    Life Member of Indian Society of Gastroenterology [ISG]
3.    Life Member of Society of Gastro-intestinal Endoscopy of India [ISGEI]
4.    Life Member of Indian Association for Study of Liver Disease [INASIL]
5.    Founder Member of Indian Society of Oncology [ISG]
6.    Member of International Hepato-Pancreatic-Biliary Association [HPB].
7.    Chairman, Ostomy Association of India [OAI]
8.    Life Member of Indian Medical Association [IMA]
9.    Life Member of Christian Medical Association [CMAI]
10.    Life Member of Association of Medical Consultants [Mumbai] [AMC]
11.    Life Member of Indian Association of Palliative Care [IAPC]
12.    Member, UICC Roll Of Honour 1996.
13.    Life Member, Association of Colo-rectal Surgeons, 1997.

DR LUZITO holds memberships in Willingdon Sports Club, Mumbai, and Catholic Gymkhana Ltd., Mumbai.

DR LUZITO has cultural accomplishment to his credit such as being a Violinist with a keen interest in Western Classical Music having passed Gr. VII Exam of the Trinity College of Music, London.

On a personal front his achievements include haven founded the Shanti Avedna Ashram, India’s First Hospice through a registered public charity trust, for the continuing care of the advanced and terminal cancer patients with the main branch in Mumbai and branches in Goa and Delhi and the Indian Cancer Cell for Cancer Education in Schools, founded in 1993, with the auspices of Tata Memorial Centre, UICC [International Union Against Cancer] and Indian Cancer Society.

His orations include
1.    Shree Dayabhai Vadaliya Memorial Cancer Oration, Rajkot Cancer Society, Rajkot,1996   
2.    Prof.B.N.Balkrishna Rao Memorial Oration,Bangalore,1997
3.    21st.Borges Memorial Oration,Mumbai , March 3, 1999
4.    Dr.Leslie J.Fernandez Memorial Oration, Hyderabad,Aug 28, 1999
5.    Dr.Motibhai Oration, IASG,2001
6.    I.A.P.S.Oration,Nagpur,2003
7.    Dr.Emidio Afonso Memorial Oration, Goa,2003
8.    Dr.A.F.A.Marcarenhas Memorial Oration, Bangalore,2003.
9.    Sir Dorab Tata Oration, Bangalore, ISO,2004.

Our Excampionites is also a recipient of various awards such as
1.    Padma Shri - by the President of India, 1992
2.    9th Fr. Maschio Platinum Jubilee Humanitarian award February, 1992.
3.    Public Award of the Rotary Club of Mumbai for April, 1992.
4.    Vasantrao Naik Pratishtan Award, May 1992.
5.    Suvidha Trust Award of Distinguished Public Service in Greater Mumbai, January 1993.
6.    Felicitation Award by Indian Medical Association Mumbai Branch, July, 1992.
7.    Hon. Membership, Citation and Award, Goa Hindu Association 1994.
8.    Shri Ramniklal Kinariwal Cancer Research Award, Gujarat Cancer Society, May 1996.
9.    Dr. Manoel Agostinho de Heredia Award for the Advancement of Medical Science and Public Health, December, 1996.
10.    Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta Award for Excellence in Social Work, Jan. 1998.
11.    Old Campionites Association Award for Excellence, Feb. 1998.
12.    Vasantrao Naik Pratishtan Award in recognition for services in Maharashtra, May 1998.
13.    Vocational Excellence Award, Rotary Club of Bombay South, June1998
14.    Scroll of Honour, Breast Cancer Conference, Nagpur, Feb 2000
15.    Award of Honour, NATCON-ISO, Panchkula, 2001
16.    Appreciation Award for Services to Humanity, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Feb 2003.