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Ravi Bhavnani Class of '74 - IT

Ravi Bhavnani Class of '74 - IT

Ravi Bhavnani graduated from Campion in 1974 as part of the school's last ISC batch.

After completing his B.Sc (Physics, Math) at the University of  Bombay and spending a year pursuing an M.Sc (Physics), he was accepted into Virginia Tech's Electrical Engineering program in 1980.  It was here that he discovered that all he wanted to do for the rest of his life was write software.  Upon switching his field of study, he graduated summa cum laude with an MS (Computer Science) degree in 1984. After teaching for a couple of years, Ravi joined DEC's Artificial Intelligence Technology Center in Hudson, Massachusetts, where he helped develop expert systems (programs that try to solve "hard" problems by emulating the human reasoning process).
In 1994, he joined Eastman Kodak and was part of the team that built the company's first successful consumer imaging software product, Kodak Picture Disk.

In the late 90s, Ravi traded the world of large corporations for the world of start-ups, eventually finding himself at Endeca, a Boston based information search technology firm founded by a group of graduates from MIT and Harvard.  Today, Endeca's customers include Walmart, The Discovery Channel, Panasonic, Boeing, Ford, IBM and several other industry leaders. In 2006, Ravi was recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional, and again in 2007.  Of more than 100 million users who participate in Microsoft technology communities, around 4,000 are recognized as Microsoft MVPs.Ravi currently works for an early-stage company in Toronto, Canada, that provides advanced data visualization solutions for Microsoft technologies. Ravi's interests include reasoning systems, financial analysis and algorithmic trading,
and human-computer interaction.  Away from work, Ravi enjoys writing technical articles, building free software for ordinary folks, playing guitar and piano, and keeping in touch with his classmates from the class of 1974.  Ravi hopes to someday find the time to catalog his collection of Dinky model cars.

Ravi owes a huge debt of gratitude to his teachers at Campion, who selflessly provided years of inspiration, encouragement and advice.  Ravi would also like to publicly thank his classmates for putting up with his corny sense of humor.

Rajesh Batra



Rajesh Batra graduated with a BSc from Elphinstone College in 1975 and holds a Diploma in Systems Management from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute. A keen tennis enthusiast, Rajesh has won many International Junior titles representing India and was ranked Maharashtra State Number One and State University Champion in 1974. He was ranked the top 5 in India from 1976-77.


His tennis background led him to found the sports brand, Proline, along with his brother in 1983. Today he actively oversees all aspects of the Group as well as engaging in a wide array of philanthropic activities. He serves as a trustee on several charitable trusts and promotes sports through the Ram Batra Memorial Foundation where deserving youngsters are given scholarships to enable them to achieve their dreams.