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Tony Jashanmal Class of '62 (Bussiness)

Tony Jashanmal Class of '62 (Bussiness)

Tony Jashanmal
Bussiness Group Director
Tony Jashanmal is the Executive Director and a member of the Board of Directors of the Jashanmal Group. He was born in Kuwait and educated in India and Switzerland. After completing his degree at the Hamburg School of Economics, he joined the group in 1973 as Managing Director of the Kuwait operations.

During his career at Jashanmal he established several new businesses within the company in sectors such as print media, men's accessories, tobacco and fashion, rebuilt the Kuwait operations following the Gulf War in the early 90s, drove the Group's expansion into India and established many of the joint ventures that the Group is a part of today. He is active in various industry bodies and serves as the President of Distripress, the leading organization of the press circulation and distribution industry. In addition, he is a frequent speaker and panelist at conferences and seminars on topics such as Family Business, Private Equity investing, Retail and Corporate Governance.

He believes strongly in the value of education, having previously been on the board of the Indian School in Kuwait and presently is on the Board of Trustees of Aiglon College in Switzerland.