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Mary D'Souza

Birthday: 22nd July

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Home City / Country: Mumbai / india

Hobbies: Cooking

Designation: House Keeper

Spouse: Diogo


1986 05 01: Joined Campion as a House Keeper
1999 08 01:RETIRED:
All the Students Staff Parents of Campion School were very co-operative Appreciative and understandable. PTA members were always there to support me – preferred the food cooked by me rather than ordered from outside helped me to grow in a loving environment. I still think of the 2 cooks & 12 hands who were very co-operative. The days in Campion brought memories of my own school days and upbringing of my own kids. When a ex student recognizes me I feel great. I tell my children that these were my kids in the great Campion School