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The Gypsies

The Gypsies

- Ajit Singh – When in Std VlI

A gypsy I would like to be
There's all the world for him to see
He travels afar, he travels a-near
He travels and travels all around the year.

They have no laws, they have no race,
They have no battles ever to face
¬They have no leader they have no land
So they move along in a jolly band.

The Gypsies have no house to own
So nothing to lose, nothing to moan
¬Instead they dwell in a caravan
Which is home to the children wife and man.

Some people say from Egypt they came
But it matters not the origin of their name
A language called Romany they speak
Which is peculiar to just their clique

They have no history, they have no books
Nor do they care about their look's
Their children cannot read or write¬
Beyond their language they know but a mite.

They sleep with starry skies above
They wake, their hearts so full of love
¬And this is why I'd like to be
A wandering care-free ROMANY.