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World Wonders


Young Pitt was 22 years old when he became the Prime Minister of England
Joan of Arc defeated the English and made Charles the King of France
Alexander the great was only 17 years old when he won the Battle of Sheronia
In this world 90 babies are born every minute; 20 marriages take lace every minute; 76 deaths occur every minute
The nails of children grow more quickly then those of adults
The beard of a man who shaves grows about 6 inches a year
The heart of a humane being beats 92 times in a minute
Holland possesses 30 lakhs of bicycles. The population is 80 lakhs
The doctors of Holland have advised all citizens to have their eyes medically examined before marrying.
There is no place in Britain which is farther than 70 miles from the sea.
India supplies e greatest quantity of tea to the world.
New Zealand sends 90 lakhs of tinned fruit to Britain every year.
Saras the King of Iran knew the names of all his soldiers by heart.
Dynamite was invented in 1867 by a Swedish engineer called Alfred Nobel.
A Muslim created the Gujarati language.
In Tibet there are no vehicles with wheels because they are useless on account of deep snow.
America has manufactured a machine gun which can be kept in a lady’s hand bag.
The fastest sparrow can fly 186 miles per hour.
A wild duck can fly 93 miles per hour.
It is a wrong belief that cats can see in the dark.
The trainers of circus animals say that female animals are easier to handle.