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- Ajit Singh – When in Std VII

"Bobby! how many times must I tell you not to upset your room?"

"But, Daddy, some pals of mine came over, and while we were playing, it got messed up".

"Well", shouted his father, losing his temper, "you can go without dinner.And instead clean up your room and go to bed".

"I'm sorry, Dad - good night. Dad!" -. and Bobby sadly obeyed.

Mr. Arden strode back to the next room, snatched up a paper, and sat down to read. But his reading could bring him no peace, for many sadly distressing pic¬tures kept coming before the open page. At last he lay down the paper and gave himself up to his recollections. His day at office had been very unsatisfactory everything he did seemed to turn out wrong - added to his confusion, he had disappointments to face, and losses to bear alone. Finally, he had even spoilt his own home-coming with the heart¬less treatment he had shown his little son - yet. Bobby, so forgivingly, had even so sweetly wished him 'Good-night'.

Slowly Mr. Arden sat up - Bobby's sweet face lingered in his mind - his thoughts kept running on,' "How cruelly unfair I have been to my little son, left in my charge by his dear dead mother who had been so patient!" He felt he had all too often spoilt Bobby's many childish delights.

Mr. Arden got up, he couldn't wait any more - he softly tip-toed into Bobby's room. 'Mr. Arden stopped beside the sleeping child - he looked upon the sad innocent face, .and gently touched the pillow, which was wet with the boy's cry¬ing.

Then his hands went to his own eyes, and dropping on his knees beside the sleeping child, he buried his face in the pillow and wept. His heart was full and he breathed a prayer to God even as the great poet has said: ¬-

"How weakly have I understood

Thy great commanded good?

But, fatherly not less

Than I whom Thou hast moulded from the clay. Thou'lt leave Thy wrath and say,

I will be sorry for your childishness".